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Plastic Gun Plastic Gun
With the realistic plastic pistol disarming an attacker is...
€15.90 *
Aluminum Knife Short Aluminum Knife Short
Aluminium knife for realistic self-defense training, unsharpened...
€10.50 *
Shark Knife Shark Knife
Wooden trainingknife with EVA foam covering.
€16.90 *
Rubber Knife in 2 Lengths Rubber Knife in 2 Lengths
Realistic hard rubber training knife is ideal for self-defense...
From €4.90 *
Foam Kubotan Foam Kubotan
The foam kubotan is ideal for a realistic and safe self-defense...
€4.90 *
Tanto Holz Tanto Wood, red oak
Short Japanese dagger used in self-defense training and...
€6.90 *
White Lotus Bo White Lotus Bo with tapered ends
Fashioned from lightweight lotus wood to provide a good grip....
From €20.50 *
Realistic Training Pistol Realistic Training Pistol
Heavy plastic pistol realistic appearance regarding optics and...
€19.90 *
DANRHO Sai Daggers chrome, 2 different models DANRHO Sai Daggers chrome, 2 different models
Leather wrapped handles. Sais made of chrome, featuring octagon or...
€59.50 *
Sai Gabeln Alu Sai silver octagon
Sai entirely made of light weight Aluminium, with vinyl wrapping on...
€54.50 *
Aluminum Knife Long Aluminum Knife Long
Perfectly training knife is for realistic self-defense training.
€15.55 *
Training Knife Survival Training Knife Survival
The realistic-looking blunt exercise knife made of aluminum is...
€9.90 *
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