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Boxing Bandage slightly elastic 5 m Boxing Bandage slightly elastic 5 m
The 5 m long strechable KWON PROFESSIONAL BOXING handwraps offer...
€8.50 *
Boxbandagen weiß rot pink blau schwarz Hand Wraps non-elastic 2,5 m
The non-elastic KWON CLUBLINE boxing bandages with hook and loop...
€6.90 *
Elastic Foot Bandage Elastic Foot Bandage
Perfect for Thai and Kick Boxing. 100 % elastic material. Featuring...
€10.50 *
Boxing Bandages elastic 2,5 m Boxing Bandages elastic 2,5 m
High-quality boxing bandages with Velcro closure and thumb loop...
€9.90 *
Inner Gloves Inner Gloves
The permanent-stretch, bandage-like fabric offers additional support.
€6.50 *
Inner Gloves with bandage Inner Gloves with bandage
Elastic inner Gloves with thumb. Very high-quality and highly...
€8.90 *
Boxing Bandages non-elastic 4,5 m Boxing Bandages non-elastic 4,5 m
Very long bandags, suitable for Muay Thai or MMA, or Self Defence.
€9.90 *
Inner Glove Padded Inner Glove Padded
Ankle padding on the back of the hand absorbs shocks and providing...
€6.90 *
Innenhandschuhe Inner Glove Open Finger
The elastic bandage is very tinght fit stabilizes and supports the...
€5.90 *
DANRHO Inner Gloves DANRHO Inner Gloves
Made of 100% cotton. Ideal for training and competition. Avoids...
€4.50 *
Boxing Bandage inelastic Boxing Bandage inelastic
The 5 metres long non-elastic KWON PROFESSIONAL BOXING handwraps...
€8.50 *
Fusion Gel Wrap Fusion Gel Wrap
The neoprene wrist bandage with 6 mm gel cushioning offers highest...
€18.90 *
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