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Doppel Coaching Mitt Double-Coaching Mitt Contender
Made of high quality artificial leather with extra dense foam core...
€37.50 *
Double Hand Mitt Straight Double Hand Mitt Straight
This sturdy double hand mitt made of imitation leather is perfect...
€15.90 *
Junior Target Junior Target
These lightweight KWON CLUBLINE sparring pillows bring a splash of...
€15.90 *
Double Hand Mitt Double Hand Mitt
Kick pad for a fair price made of synthetic leather in expressive...
€22.50 *
DANRHO Break Boards for multiple use DANRHO Break Boards for multiple use
Rebreakable Boards made of durable plastic, can be used many times...
From €25.89 *
Bruchtestbretter Break Board 5 pack
Disposable break boards made from native spruce. Boards are solid...
From €16.52 *
Coaching Mitt Leather Coaching Mitt Leather
Outer material 100% full grain leather, developed for professional...
€69.50 *
Break Board Kalyeo Break Board Kalyeo
Board made of toughened plastic with a break point in centre. This...
From €17.90 * €19.90 *
Colpitore paletta taekwondo karate kickboxing arti marziali Jumbo Double Hand Mitt
Top quality black synthetic leather, made in Korea. Featuring extra...
€37.50 *
DANRHO Single Hand Mitt DANRHO Single Hand Mitt
Kick target made of solid sewn nylon for the training of the speed...
€16.90 *
DRACHENKRALLE Coaching Mitt white DRACHENKRALLE Coaching Mitt white
The lightweight and very soft hand target for children aged 3 to 6...
€14.90 *
Single Hand Mitt Ultra Strong Single Hand Mitt Ultra Strong
Very stable and high-quality kick pad in the usual KWON quality.
€17.51 *
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