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Strike Shield 2 sizes Strike Shield 2 sizes
Firm padding. For kicks-to-the-body training, lower body and full...
From €65.90 *
Leg Stretcher Leg Stretcher
With a variable central traction bar. For a focused streching, pull...
€35.90 *
Skipping Rope Bronx Skipping Rope Bronx
PVC-coated steel rope for rapid rotation. Twin eyes on plastic...
€12.90 *
Strike Shield Curved Strike Shield Curved
Body shield with Target Point in red color in the center, made of...
€49.50 *
Doppel Coaching Mitt Double-Coaching Mitt Contender
Made of high quality artificial leather with extra dense foam core...
€37.50 *
Boxsack Feder Training Bag Spring
Stable steel spring. Hung between training bag and mount to cushion...
From €4.90 *
Skipping Rope SP Skipping Rope SP
Fast yet lightweight jump rope with plastic handles and vinyl cord.
€8.90 *
Double Hand Mitt Straight Double Hand Mitt Straight
This sturdy double hand mitt made of imitation leather is perfect...
€15.90 *
DANRHO Arm Makiwara DANRHO Arm Makiwara
Soft padding. Made of imitation leather and heavy-duty cotton...
€47.90 *
Wrist and Ankle Weights Wrist and Ankle Weights
Rugged nylon fabric, filled with iron granules.
From €14.45 *
Mechanical Leg Stretcher Mechanical Leg Stretcher
KWON CLUBLINE leg stretching machine with rugged metal construction
€249.50 *
Snap Hook Snap Hook
Snap hook acc. to DIN 5229C, made of galvanized standard steel,
€1.99 *
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