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Boxing Ring / Battle Field

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Boxring Boxring
Boxring 5x5 m, Floor boxing ring with steel frame. Supplied with 4...
€4,560.90 *
Battle-Field Battle-Field
Battle Field CE, Galvanized steel frame with dimensions 4x4x3 m...
€7,990.01 *
Battle Field Complete Set Battle Field Complete Set
€11,990.00 *
Functional Boxing Ring Functional Boxing Ring
The innovation of Kwon: a boxing ring, which can also be used at...
€3,990.00 *
High ring 6.50 x 6.50 m High ring 6.50 x 6.50 m
Black Steel frame
€12,990.00 *
Canvas ring cover Canvas ring cover
Non-slip professional ring cover made of black canvas approx. 600...
€1,490.00 *
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